Red Smith Foods, Inc. produces the finest quality line of pickled snacks on the market. Our products can be found at some of the best stores in the country, and we encourage you to contact us to explore the opportunities and the benefits of having our products on your shelf.

From warehouse clubs to convenience stores, regional and national grocery chains to hunting and fishing supply stores – we have a program to fit any size or type of customer. If your needs consist of a full line of products, sizes and flavor profiles—or one specific item—we will work with you to develop a strategy that meets your needs. We also offer a choice of case packaging, fully enclosed cases or tray packs, meet the environmental policies of all customers.

Are you wondering who buys our products or when to merchandise them? Of course our items are a natural fit for the customer buying snacks – after school, game time, picnics, parties, movie night, road trips, and even mealtime. Or have you considered the customers who might be looking for supplies for camping trips, hunting and fishing camps, hiking, and other outdoor activities where the convenience of a shelf stable food item would come in handy? Even during the holidays, try merchandising Red Smith Pickled Eggs as a quick and easy solution for deviled eggs. And don’t forget about storm season when Red Smith Foods pickled snacks make a great staple to include in a storm supply kit, and for those retailers who market such items we would glad to participate in that effort. There are many possibilities to merchandise our products. Depending on the season—you can attract new customers every day!

Brian Burton - Sales Director
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